App Notes

Why Is Moisture Content So Important?

March 09, 2020

Water is found in all cannabis products, and too little or too much can alter its properties. Controlling the moisture content will lead to a more reliable product.

Quantitative LC-MS/MS Analysis of 16 Cannabinoids

March 06, 2020

To assist in optimizing for high throughput while maintaining sensitivity and resolution, this application demonstrates a sub-five-minute gradient method utilizing LC-MS/MS.

HPLC Potency Determination of 15 Cannabinoids

March 06, 2020

Cannabis is available in numerous forms, making the development of rugged, quantitatively accurate methods a challenge. This study optimizes a quantitative chromatographic determination of 15 cannabinoids using an HPLC analyzer.

Qualitative Analysis of CBD Oils

February 11, 2020

An HPLC method for the testing of CBD oils. The DLC-10 is a small footprint, easy-to-use and low-cost HPLC system. An isocratic assay offers reliability and ease of use.

Fast, Low-Solvent Analysis of Cannabinoids Increases Lab Productivity and Decreases Solvent Costs

February 10, 2020

Potency testing and cannabinoid profiling are high-demand tests that can be improved by increasing speed, expanding analyte lists, and reducing costs.

LC-UV Method for 16 Cannabinoids in Hemp and Cannabis

February 10, 2020

UCT’s Selectra® C18 Column provides for a simple and robust method for the detection and quantitation of 16 cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis samples.

Sample Preparation of Cannabis Products by Syringe Filtration

January 09, 2020

Cannabis flower must be filtered prior to HPLC or LCMS analysis. This note presents an evaluation of syringe filters used during the sample preparation process.

High Throughput Analysis of Cannabinoids by LC-UV

December 13, 2019

This isocratic LC-UV analysis of cannabinoids provides complete resolution of 16 cannabinoids, allowing accurate quantitative potency and profile data to be reported.