Cannabis Analysis

Brian C. Smith
Brian C. Smith, PhD, is Founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Officer of Big Sur Scientific in Capitola, California. The “Cannabis Analysis” column introduces the cannabis industry to the basic concepts of analytical chemistry. Seasoned scientists will also benefit from reading this column because it provides a refresher on important basic topics, introduces instrumental techniques they might not be familiar with, and is a place to discover new applications.

Cannabis Crossroads

Josh Crossney
Columnist Josh Crossney is a contributing editor to Cannabis Science and Technology magazine and the president and CEO of CSC Events. In the “Cannabis Crossroads” column, Crossney interviews leading experts in the cannabis industry, offering special insight into the different areas of cannabis research and development. Crossney also provides a recap of the annual Cannabis Science Conference.

Cannabis Voices

Guest interviewees
Interviews with thought-leaders across a wide range of topics in the cannabis industry including analytical methods, extraction, biopharma, legal issues, and more.

Extraction Science

Guest columnists
Throughout the year, this column will feature guest columnists highlighting the important aspects of extraction and the science behind the different techniques.

Navigating the Lab

Patricia Atkins
Columnist Patricia Atkins is a Senior Applications Scientist with SPEX CertiPrep and a member of both the AOAC and ASTM committees for cannabis. This column will deal with the challenges of different laboratory and quality practices and how those challenges apply to the cannabis industry along with tips and advice to navigate around them.

The Cultivation Classroom

Roger Kern
Learn about the various aspects of cultivation in this column, featuring interviews with experts from different sides of the cultivation process as well as thoughtful commentary from columnist Roger Kern. Dr. Roger Kern is the President of Agate Biosciences, a consulting firm for project management, systems engineering, and science in controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) as well as a scientist and technologist who cares deeply about the cultivation and health of plants in the cannabis industry.