Sample Preparation

Analysis of 47 Pesticides in Cannabis for High Throughput Analysis

November 19, 2019

This application note outlines a QuEChERS extraction approach coupled with either traditional dSPE clean-up versus UCT’s dSPE clean-up in a 96 wellplate format.

Right From the Grow: A Look at Sampling and Sample Preparation Methods of Solid Cannabis for Analysis

April 04, 2019

Laboratories are challenged with highly regulated and difficult sample schematics, sample preparation, extraction, and testing procedures that try to ensure accuracy and precision of testing. Accuracy in analytical testing starts at the very beginning with sampling and sample preparation prior to testing.

Inter-Lab Variation in the Cannabis Industry, Part I: Problem and Causes

April 04, 2019

Too often, cannabis laboratories get different results on the same sample. There are a number of causes and solutions. In this installment, the problem is presented along with its causes.