Setting the Standard for Cannabis Labeling: Introducing the Universal Cannabis Product Symbol and the Universal Cannabis Information Label

August 19, 2020

This article proposes cannabis labeling standards to serve as a foundation for the regulation of cannabis product packaging for both medical and adult-use products.

Getting Started with GxP Compliance in Your Cannabis Laboratories and Facilities

June 23, 2020

In this article, you will learn about the GxP requirements for laboratories, production facilities, and distribution of cannabis.

Three Ways Cannabis Can Correct Its Trajectory Toward Sustainability

May 14, 2020

The industry needs to address energy efficiency, plastic use, and wastewater to build a long-term reputation of accessibility, legitimacy, and sustainability.

Potency Loss in Cannabis Beverages-Common Causes and Solutions

May 13, 2020

An explanation of the causes of potency loss in infused beverages from either a chemical or physical route.

Extraction Facility Design: Important Factors to Consider Before Selecting Extraction Equipment

April 07, 2020

A look at some important questions that business owners must consider during the initial design phase when starting an extraction facility.

Scaling Up Facilities for Hemp and Cannabis Production: An Engineering Primer

March 11, 2020

This tutorial article outlines a holistic approach to scaling up.

Solubilization of Phytocannabinoids Using Cyclodextrins

August 23, 2019

This article reviews state-of-the-art approaches to produce cyclodextrinphytocannabinoid complexes, related processing and analytical techniques, and implications for cannabis product development.

Factors Influencing Yields in Extraction, Part III: Return Versus Effort and Associated Processing Parameters

August 22, 2019

The final installment of this series reviews how processing parameters affect yields in extraction.

Microbiological Attributes of Cannabis-Derived Products

August 21, 2019

This review article from an experienced pharmaceutical microbiologist discusses the risks of microbial contamination for the full range of cannabis-derived products and recommends the most appropriate microbiological quality requirements for each product.

The What, How, and Why of Water Activity in Cannabis

August 21, 2019

An explanation on the theory and measurement of water activity, its mode of action for microbial control, existing water activity regulations for cannabis, and more.