Legal Issues

House of Representatives Approve Cannabis Banking Reform in Historic Vote

September 26, 2019

According to a press release from the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), a standalone cannabis policy reform bill was brought before the House of Representatives for a vote on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 and passed with an overwhelming bipartisan majority.

The Holy Grail for Law Enforcement: Accurate Roadside Testing for Driving While Stoned

June 25, 2019

Nearly every state has to weather the argument from law enforcement about how to find and get stoned drivers off the road. But developing roadside testing devices to use for finding reliable, standardized levels of THC intoxication continues to be a slippery, moving problem with no solution in sight.

Cannabis and the Workplace: More Clarity, Better Science Needed ASAP

May 21, 2019

More CBD consumers means more people in the workplace unaware of the issues with CBD products and THC levels who could be putting their jobs at risk.