Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA and QC)

Setting the Standard for Cannabis Labeling: Introducing the Universal Cannabis Product Symbol and the Universal Cannabis Information Label

August 19, 2020

This article proposes cannabis labeling standards to serve as a foundation for the regulation of cannabis product packaging for both medical and adult-use products.

Everything Old is New Again: Cannabis Returns to USP

June 23, 2020

Here we examine the history of cannabis in the US, the role the USP played in that field, and the new role the USP is taking with cannabis for medical use.

The Science Behind the Emerald Conference

February 04, 2020

John S. Abrams, PhD, discusses some of the cutting-edge work he’s involved in and what he’s looking forward to at this year's Emerald Conference.

Five Steps to Prepare Cannabis Testing Laboratories for ISO 17025 Audits

February 03, 2020

This tutorial article outlines some of the steps that cannabis testing laboratories can take to prepare ahead of a third-party safety audit.

GC-TOF Discovery-Based Profiling of CBD Oil Pet Supplements

December 18, 2019

In this study, six different brands of CBD oil pet supplements were obtained and untargeted analyses using gas phase-time of flight mass spectrometry were performed.

Quality Control in the World of Cannabis

October 24, 2019

This article covers the importance of quality control, how to implement it, and what cannabis cultivators, processors, retailers, and consumers should look for on laboratory reports and certificates of analysis.

Optimized Cannabis Microbial Testing: Combined Use of Extraction Methods and Pathogen Detection Tests Using Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction

August 22, 2019

This review introduces a quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assay and compares its performance to culture-based methods.

The What, How, and Why of Water Activity in Cannabis

August 21, 2019

An explanation on the theory and measurement of water activity, its mode of action for microbial control, existing water activity regulations for cannabis, and more.

Inter-Lab Variation in the Cannabis Industry, Part I: Problem and Causes

April 04, 2019

Too often, cannabis laboratories get different results on the same sample. There are a number of causes and solutions. In this installment, the problem is presented along with its causes.

Error, Accuracy, and Precision

November 12, 2018

Find out if you know the difference between accuracy and precision