App Notes

Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids and Metabolites: Adding New Compounds to an Existing LC-MS/MS Method

April 2, 2019

The analysis of synthetic cannabinoids and their metabolites can be a difficult and challenging task. Keeping up with the ever-growing list of synthetic cannabinoids that illicit drugmakers produce further complicates the analysis. As shown here, the retention and selectivity of the Raptor Biphenyl column allow new drugs to be added to an existing method, providing labs with an important vehicle for improving efficiency and productivity.

Shelf Life Quantification of THC Formulations

March 7, 2019

The fast-paced and growing market of THC- and CBD-infused beverages provides several challenges for a formulator. Aside from working in an entirely new market with new materials, guidelines are not yet in place to monitor and regulate the potency of such beverages as they age – the destabilization of the oil inside of the beverage can create zones where the dosage is higher than in other regions. Chromatographic techniques require an invasive process to quantify this stability. Here, we will show how the Static Multiple Light Scattering technique utilized in the Turbiscan device can be used to quantify the volume fraction evolution of a destabilizing THC-infused emulsion and letdown beverage.