Azulenes: A Clear Sign of Cannabis Oil Contamination

May 13, 2020

What are some clear-cut methods to recognizing signs and certain types of contamination that can minimize risk and maximize production of pure, clean cannabis?

Back to the Root-The Role of Botany and Plant Physiology in Cannabis Testing, Part I: Understanding Mechanisms of Heavy Metal Uptake in Plants

March 06, 2020

Part I of this article series focuses on the physiology of heavy metal transport and translocation into and within plant tissues.

Environmental Screening of a Cannabis Production and Processing Facility: A Comparison of an Environmental DNA Microarray and Traditional Microbiological Plating Methods

December 18, 2019

A case study that demonstrates the utility and necessity of environmental screening in a cannabis production and processing facility.

Beyond Potency: Fungi, Mold, and Mycotoxins

December 16, 2019

The world of fungi, mold, and mycotoxins is explored and discussed.

It’s Not Too Late: Post-Harvest Solutions to Microbial Contamination Issues

December 16, 2019

Use the techniques described here to pass the state tests and ensure safe cannabis for consumers.

Multielement Analysis of Heavy Metals in Cannabis Samples Using ICP-MS

October 25, 2019

A robust method for identifying heavy metals in cannabis samples using ICP-MS is discussed as well as highlights of the importance of sample preparation methods for a wide range of cannabis products.

Beyond Potency: The Importance of Measuring Elemental Contaminants in Cannabis and Hemp

October 24, 2019

Here we look at different sources of potential contamination exposure that may be of concern to both the cannabis industry and the cannabis consumer.

Heavy Metals Detection and Laboratory Practices the Focus of High-Level Workshop

October 07, 2019

Scientists and testing experts discuss contaminant issues in the wake of a widening vaping emergency

Microbiological Attributes of Cannabis-Derived Products

August 21, 2019

This review article from an experienced pharmaceutical microbiologist discusses the risks of microbial contamination for the full range of cannabis-derived products and recommends the most appropriate microbiological quality requirements for each product.

The What, How, and Why of Water Activity in Cannabis

August 21, 2019

An explanation on the theory and measurement of water activity, its mode of action for microbial control, existing water activity regulations for cannabis, and more.