Unrivaled Brands Launches New Cultivation Facility

Unrivaled Brands recently announced the launch of their new state of the art cultivation facility operating in Oakland, California.

Unrivaled Brands—a multistate vertically integrated company focused on the cannabis sector with operations in California, Oregon, and Nevada—recently announced the launch of their new state of the art cultivation facility operating in Oakland, California (1).

The new facility is designed to supply the company’s Korova brand with its premium, high-potency strains. It has various technological improvements compared to prior cultivation operations. According to the company’s announcement, this establishment contains four flower rooms with 60 lights each and is planned to yield more than 3500 pounds per year of expertly crafted flower.

“With the planting of specific Korova strains last week, we are pleased to launch our latest cultivation facility, which we expect to increase supply of cannabis in support of the growth of the Korova brand throughout California,” stated Uri Kenig, Unrivaled’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are pleased to bring this operation online, which is expected to both triple our estimated annual production and provide us with the unrivaled ability to manage the quality of the flower sold under our brand names.”

For more information about Unrivaled Brands, please see the recent interview we conducted with their CEO Frank Knuettel titled “An Insider’s Perspective: Challenges, Growth Plans, and Insight from a Multistate Operator” (2).


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