Author | Shimadzu


Quantitative LC-MS/MS Analysis of 16 Cannabinoids

March 06, 2020

To assist in optimizing for high throughput while maintaining sensitivity and resolution, this application demonstrates a sub-five-minute gradient method utilizing LC-MS/MS.

HPLC Potency Determination of 15 Cannabinoids

March 06, 2020

Cannabis is available in numerous forms, making the development of rugged, quantitatively accurate methods a challenge. This study optimizes a quantitative chromatographic determination of 15 cannabinoids using an HPLC analyzer.

Sample Preparation of Cannabis Products by Syringe Filtration

January 09, 2020

Cannabis flower must be filtered prior to HPLC or LCMS analysis. This note presents an evaluation of syringe filters used during the sample preparation process.

Quantitation of Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, and Ochratoxin A in Cannabis Using Integrated HPLC with a Fluorescence Detector

September 18, 2018

This application note presents information on adding a fluorescence detector to an integrated HPLC system as a new, powerful method for detecting mycotoxins in cannabis.