Author | Megan L'Heureux


Ask the Experts: Cultivation, Part IV: If You Were Teaching a Class on Cannabis Cultivation, What Is the Most Important Thing that Newcomers to the Field Would Need to Learn?

February 04, 2020

Zac Hildenbrand, Karan Kapoor, Autumn Karcey, and Roger Kern offer advice on the most important thing newcomers to cannabis cultivation need to learn.

Dr. Sue Sisley: Advocating for Medical Cannabis Research, Patients, and Reform

February 04, 2020

Dr. Sue Sisley has been pioneering research in the U.S. cannabis industry and fighting for quality cannabis samples to conduct her clinical trials. We recently spoke to her about the challenges she’s faced, what’s ahead for her future research, and more.

Ask the Experts: Cultivation

February 03, 2020

Leading cultivators and researchers from the cannabis industry participate in this round-table discussion