Turning the Page to a New Year

Published on: 
Cannabis Science and Technology, January/February 2021, Volume 4, Issue 1
Pages: 10

A letter from Group Editorial Director, Megan L'Heureux, highlighting COVID-19 research, the announcement of Cannabis Science and Technology®'s partnership with Havas ECS, and the launch of our sister publication, Cannabis Patient Care™.

Happy New Year, readers! I think we can all agree that 2020 was one of the most challenging—if not the most challenging—years we’ve ever faced globally. Just like many of you, I was glad to turn the calendar page over to 2021, but unfortunately we are still faced with many of the same challenges from last year. However, there have been a lot of amazing scientific feats and triumphs along the way. For example, cannabis research has led to some interesting developments related to COVID-19 and fighting cytokine storms, as recently highlighted in some of our regular columns and news coverage (1,2). Scientific innovation was also discussed in a letter from Mike Hennessy Sr, the founder and chairman of MJH Life Sciences—our parent company (3). In his letter, Hennessy highlights the incredible work by the pharmaceutical industry to roll out a vaccine in just nine months. I think we can all agree that this vaccine development was an incredible scientific accomplishment that will hopefully allow us to come back together at conferences and industry networking events in 2021.

Cannabis Science and Technology® has been doing its part to keep you all connected as best we can through our various webcasts and virtual symposia. Last year we held the most events ever with approximately 20 webcasts and several two-day virtual symposia well as a few half day symposiums. All of these events are free to attend and available on demand for a full year, so please visit and sign up for any events you may have missed live.

We also recently partnered with Havas ECS to offer a comprehensive training curriculum for all levels of students—from healthcare professionals to patients, parents, caregivers, and budtenders. With three different course offerings, you can choose to learn the basics of the endocannabinoid system or earn continuing medical education (CME) credits in either a 3-CME course or 12-CME course. Please visit our Courses page to learn more:

Last, but certainly not least, we launched a new sister publication focused solely on medical cannabis called Cannabis Patient Care™ in November 2020 (4). This publication is an educational resource for patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and caregivers on the latest research, benefits, and treatment options cannabis provides for a variety of illnesses. Each issue of the publication will focus on a specific disease or ailment that cannabis has been shown to be an effective remedy for. Our mission is to educate the medical community on the viable treatment options patients are experiencing with cannabis and the ongoing research into cannabis and cannabinoids worldwide. This year we plan to publish
Cannabis Patient Care™ four times—March, June, September, and November.

In 2021, Cannabis Science and Technology® will continue our mission to educate the legal cannabis industry about the latest developments in analytical testing, quality control/quality assurance, cultivation, extraction, and processing/manufacturing. We hope you will find the answers and resources you need in our publication’s nine issues this year. As always, if you have any ideas for content or comments please reach out to me. I love to hear from you!