Top 10 Cannabis Editorial Content from 2022

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It’s that time of year again—the Cannabis Science and Technology (CST) top 10 articles from the previous year. CST published a wide variety of content throughout 2022—including a lot of video interviews from the Cannabis Science Conference series. Here is just a small snippet of some of the top articles, columns, videos, and podcasts that our readers enjoyed. Click through and see if any of your favorites made the list!

1. Featured Article

Psilocybin Therapy for PTSD and Depression

An overview of the therapeutic role of psychedelics that goes back thousands of years, as well as the new research and the application of micro dosing principles that have created renewed interest in the power of psychedelics.

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Honoroable Mention:

How Poor Environmental Control Creates Pest Pressure

How can we address the pest problems created in commercial cannabis cultivation facilities when environmental control systems are improperly designed or implemented?

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2. Cultivation Classroom Column

The Semi-Closed Greenhouse: A Revolution in Cultivation and Energy Efficiency

Casey Houweling, the inventor of the semi-closed greenhouse, explains how this greenhouse concept came about, the challenges he’s had developing it, and the potential it holds for the future of the cannabis industry.

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3. Cannabis Voices Interview

A New Clinical Trial in South Africa Aims to Study the Effect of Psilocybin on HIV Positive Women with Major Depressive Disorder

In this interview, Donaghue Woodman, Head of Research and Development and Chief Medical Information Officer at Cannsun, provides an in-depth look at their current clinical trial on the effects of psilocybin in treating a prevalent yet unresolved issue in South Africa.


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4. Extraction Science Column

What’s in a Vape? Part II

Part II of this series reviews the history of vape products, producing cannabis vapes, the myriad of extract types, and how temperature and hardware impact the user experience.

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5. Peer-Reviewed Article

Nonclinical In Vitro Safety Assessment Summary of Hemp Derived (R/S)-Hexahydrocannabinol ((R/S)-HHC)

In the work presented here, the authors pursue a more detailed understanding of the naturally rare occurring cannabinoid analogue, hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), by exploring the safety profile using a third-party lab to produce preclinical in vitro safety profile data. The purpose of these studies is to demonstrate HHC as a safe cannabinoid for potential human consumption.

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6. Cannabis Analysis Column

Quantitative Spectroscopy: Practicalities and Pitfalls, Part I

Here we discuss the importance of using standards that bracket the expected concentration range of standards in the unknowns, using the same chemical components in standards and unknowns, and making sure to minimize the error in concentration measurements of standards.

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7. Tech Innovations Column

More Innovative Cannabis Products Emerge Amidst Ongoing Processor Issues

This installment of the “Tech Innovations” column discusses ongoing problems with black market vape products and what that means to legitimate cannabis processors. In this article, you will also gain insight into cannabis processing innovations that had their roots in other industries, such as candy manufacturing; plus, a look at new ideas in recycling cannabis waste materials as the industry leans into sustainable production techniques to limit the carbon footprint of their operations.

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8. Navigating the Lab Column:

Looking with Light: Understanding Gas Chromatography, Part III: Columns and Resolution

In this edition of “Navigating the Labyrinth,” we will seek to understand the functioning and chemistry of GC columns and how to change and manipulate the resolution equation and column chemistry to maximize our own analyses. We will take a deeper look into the chemistry, physics, and methodology of GC columns to see what changes can be made to increase resolution, efficiency, capacity, and change retention.

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9. Noid Knowledge Podcast

Ep 7: Special Edition LIVE from CSC West

On this special bonus episode, Meg L’Heureux speaks with several keynote speakers from Cannabis Science Conference West in Long Beach, California. Join us for brief chats with Ashéninka Mino and Bernadette Torres from Shabeta’s Healing Garden; “Amazon” John Easterling from Happy Tree Microbes; Dr. Lakisha Jenkins-Samuels from Dr. Lakisha; and more.

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10. Featured Video

Dr. Anthony Macherone Calls for More Comprehensive Pesticide Testing for Safer Consumer Cannabis Products

Dr. Anthony Macherone of Agilent Technologies discusses what he hopes to see change in the future regarding cannabis regulations and testing guidelines.

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