Solventless Lab Buildouts: Setting Up for Success

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at 1pm EDT | 12pm CDT | 10am PDT

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Event Overview:

In this data packed webcast, participants will learn how to think about setting up a solventless processing division for maximum profitability and product quality. Topics will include a deep dive discussion into solventless SKU strategy, how labs should plan for their anticipated processing volume, and ultimately what makes for successful solventless operation. Anyone in the cannabis industry is sure to glean immediately actionable insights from the presentation. If your business is interested in increasing profits by leveraging top shelf concentrate SKUs, this webinar is for you.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How processing operations and extraction labs can set themselves up for success to start creating solventless SKUs
  • What kinds of starting material are necessary and how to create a pipeline of suitably high-quality cannabis to make premium solventless products
  • Which SKUs are popular by market maturity and how to select the right ones for each business’s market

Who Should Attend:

  • Processing and extraction lab owners
  • Prospective lab owners or investors
  • Cultivators seeking expansion opportunities
  • Concentrate enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in the topic of top shelf concentrates or infused products.


Ali Britton
CEO & Lead Designer

Ali Britton serves as the CEO and Lead Designer for PureCannalabs, the leader in solventless processing consulting, lab buildouts, and training. With an extensive background in interior design, code compliance, and every other aspect of successful space planning, Ali’s knowledge of cannabis processing lab development is supreme.

Eric Vlosky
Director of Marketing & Business Development
PurePressure & PureCannalabs

Eric Vlosky is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for PurePressure, world’s #1 solventless equipment and technology provider. As a premier speaker and solventless expert, Eric has worked in the cannabis space for the last 7 years. Eric is passionate about cannabis education, brand building, and marketing.

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