The New Frontier in Analytical Science: Cannabis

Published on: 
Cannabis Science and Technology, March/April 2018, Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new publication, Cannabis Science and Technology. We are thrilled that our group is a part of the cutting edge in cannabis science and will help unveil what the future holds for this industry. In alliance with the Cannabis Science Conference, this new professional journal and website will focus on educating the legal cannabis industry about the science and technology of analytical testing and quality control, including topics such as

  • Sample preparation techniques for analytical testing
  • Development of analytical methods for potency testing
  • Identifying contaminants such as pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and mycotoxins
  • Quality control for cannabis, extraction, and processing
  • Laboratory best practices and certification
  • Testing standardization
  • Regulations related to quality control
  • Analytical methods for the characterization of cannabinoids and terpenes

With our portfolio of leading science and pharmaceutical brands, including LCGC, Spectroscopy, Nutritional Outlook, PharmTech, and BioPharm International, we have extensive experience keeping readers in fields such as analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and nutritional supplements informed about the latest techniques, best practices, and regulatory information. Given the knowledge and experience we have from producing those thought-provoking and industry-relevant brands, launching Cannabis Science and Technology is a perfect next step into the future of analytical science. This new publication will mirror the quality of content and circulation that makes our other publications so successful.

The recent acceleration in the acceptance of cannabis as a valuable medical treatment places the industry at a critical juncture. With the launch of Cannabis Science and Technology, we are taking an important step to connect the scientific community we serve with the fast-growing cannabis industry.

Cannabis Science and Technology will be published quarterly in 2018 and will appear at all the major trade shows this year. Be sure to pick up a copy of our latest issue at the next show near you, or visit our website,, for the latest information on subscriptions, newsletters, articles, and more.

Michael J. Tessalone is the Vice President and Stephanie Shaffer is the publisher of Cannabis Science Technology. Direct correspondence to: