Meet the Cannabis Science Conference Fall Speakers: Frankie Claunch on Microbial Contamination and Cultivation Consultation

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Let’s meet CSC Fall speaker Frankie Claunch, a microbiologist and Microbial/Environmental consultant for PuEr Lab, LLC.

Cannabis Science Conference (CSC) Fall will be taking place in Providence, Rhode Island September 20th-22nd. CSC Fall will be featuring several exciting tracks: analytical science, cultivation, medical cannabis, and psychedelics. With expert speakers coming in from around the country, we thought it was a great opportunity to introduce some of them and get a sneak peek into their presentations. Let’s meet Frankie Claunch, a microbiologist and Microbial/Environmental consultant for PuEr Lab, LLC, where he works with local cultivators in lower Michigan. Claunch is presenting an informative talk in the cultivation track titled “Microbial Consultation Guidelines for Common Reservoirs of Contamination in Cultivation Facilities” on September 21st, where he will discuss research on microbiological contaminations, as well as recommendations and guidelines to practice in cultivation facilities.

Here, he shares his background in cannabis microbiology and cultivation, what he is most looking forward to at the CSC Fall show, and a preview of his upcoming presentation.

Can you tell us about your background and how do you get involved with microbiology and the cannabis industry?

Frankie Claunch: I started as a caregiver helper in my grandma's grow. After that, I started as a grow tech at a local medical and recreation double Class C cultivation facility. I soon moved up the ranks and got promoted to the irrigation IPM (integrated pest management) Manager, where I was able to learn and implement IPM strategies as well as learn the importance of pesticides. If there were any issues during the flowering phase post-harvest I would be there to fix it, including petritis hops like myriad rosarium, russet, mites, thrips—I've seen it all.


What are you most looking forward to at the Cannabis Science Conference Fall 2023?

Claunch: I'm very excited to learn about the cutting edge of cannabis science and finding new people to network with and possibly form new relationships.

Can you tell us a little bit about your talk taking place on September 21st called “Microbial Consultation Guidelines for Common Reservoirs for Contamination and Cultivation Facilities?”

Claunch: I perform a consulting service for our local growers in the area and from their data I will be informing the Cannabis Science Conference about common reservoirs of microbes and cultivation facilities, how to mitigate them, and how laboratory and cultivation relationships can be more than just a pass-fail type of relationship. This talk is mainly targeted for cultivation, but I feel that the analytical and compliance side of the business would benefit from hearing my presentation.

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation?

Claunch: I want the attendees to take the guidelines and recommendations and use them at their own facilities, try and diagnose their own problems for any kind of type of microbial issue. Also, to form a relationship with your local laboratory to find out more about what your data means.

Stay tuned for more with Frankie Claunch with our live video conference coverage taking place September 21-22, 2023 or join us in person to hear his talk as well as many others at the Cannabis Science Conference Fall in Providence, RI. Register today with code SUMMER40 to save 40%:!