Cannabis Science Conference Spring 2024: Pre-Conference Workshops

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Analytical Track Program Chair Julie Kowalski discusses details from the four preconference workshops.

Taking place May 7–9, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri, Cannabis Science Conference is the premier cannabis science conference focusing on analytical science, medical cannabis, cultivation, and compliance. Listen as Julie Kowalski, Chair for the Analytical Track and the Director of Technical Programming, shares what she is excited to see in the four pre-conference workshops! View the full agenda and start planning your conference experience here.

Cannabis Science Conference Spring 2024 Pre-Conference Workshops:

  • Cannabis Nursing: A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare
  • Microbiology 101: So Easy, Anyone Can Do It
  • ASTM Sub-Committee Meetings
  • Turn Mountains into Molehills: Cannabis Science Advice and Troubleshooting with Cannabis Experts

Get a sneak peek into the workshops, read the transcription below, and register here for Cannabis Science Conference Spring 2024!


Read what Analytical Program Chair Julie Kowalski says about the workshops:

Julie Kowalski: One is going to be some medical type training for nurses. There's going to be a full day dedicated to that. And it's Nurses Week, so we're really excited to have them on board.

We also have a great course that was put together specifically for this conference and for this audience, pulling from different suppliers and we have participation from a cannabis testing lab. It’s Microbiology 101, which for a lot of laboratories, and even growers and producer processors, really understanding the fundamentals of microbiology testing. It's going to be awesome, because first of all, they're a really fun group and hilarious—I've been on meetings with them. But also it's going to be hands on, so you're going to be able to learn some skills that are really critical to ensuring that your results are correct. This would be a great workshop for people that maybe want to do some in-house testing, or just want to understand when they send their samples out to a laboratory, what that lab is doing and get a better handle on it. For labs and their staff, I know, as a chemist myself, there's a little bit of a mind shift when you're doing microbiology testing; you have to be a little bit more aware of being clean and contamination and things like that. So I think it's going to be really a great training course. I'm so excited for it.

Then we have ASTM, which is doing a lot of work in the standards realm helping to build standards for the cannabis industry. They are going to run about four hours of meetings. So they'll have four one-hour meetings that are going to be based around different standards that they're building. So check out information on that. It’s free to attend and you don't have to be a member of ASTM. So go check out what they're doing and participate in that. That helps the industry as a whole.

The final thing is in the afternoon, myself and a few other people are going to host Turning Mountains into Molehills, which is a little bit more of an open discussion. So just everyone getting in a room no matter what sector you're from—we have experience from chemistry and microbiology, legislation, and standards. So we have a the host and a range of expertise and we're going to ask for questions in advance. So this is your chance to really be in a room with experts and other people in the same position as you, try to figure out how we're all navigating, get advice, and offer your own advice.