Las Vegas Unveils Opening of First Regulated Cannabis Lounge

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Las Vegas opened their first regulated cannabis lounge.

A plan seven years in the making, Las Vegas recently opened the state’s first regulated cannabis consumption lounge (1). In 2017, recreational cannabis was legalized in the Silver State by registered voters (2). The first regulated cannabis lounge is called “Smoke and Mirrors” and located in the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, who owns the venue, which is not far from the Las Vegas Strip at 2975 South Sammy Davis Jr. Dr. (3,4). It will be one of 19 other conditionally approved lounges which will open at later times.

Smoke and Mirrors’ first sale was purchased by Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom, who is an advocate for cannabis, which took place during the lounges’ grand opening at 4:20pm MST (1,3). Prior to recreational cannabis consumption lounges being approved, individuals who publicly consumed cannabis would be fined a specified fee (2). “We’ve legalized marijuana back in 2017. It’s taken another seven years to get here. It’s time. I’m hoping this is the start of something big,” Segerblom commented (3). “It’s just an incredibly slow, complicated process. But now we have the first one opening. Hopefully they’ll go faster from here on and then it’ll just be part of the Las Vegas experience.”

Nevada is a popular area for tourism but Las Vegas receives a significant amount of tourism and haven’t been able to benefit too much due to not having a space to consume the cannabis products they were purchasing (3).


“The reality is you could buy it, but you can’t use it in the dispensary and if you’re a tourist, you can’t use it,” Segerblom stated (3).

“It’s more than a venue, it’s a platform for the cannabis industry as a whole, where tourists and locals alike can be a part of a new chapter in the evolution of hospitality,” Chris LaPorte stated, managing partner of RESET, which is a Las Vegas-based cannabis hospitality company (4).

Smoke and Mirrors will provide customers with a variety of products, including cannabis-infused cocktails (4).

California is also looking to establish “cannabis cafes” in their state which first legalized cannabis in 2016 (5). “To be clear, we’re not saying that coffee shops should be allowed to sell cannabis,” Matt Haney mentioned after Assembly Bill 374’s veto (5). “We’re saying that cannabis shops should be allowed to sell coffee. It shouldn’t be illegal for an existing cannabis business that already allows onsite smoking to move away from only selling marijuana and instead have the opportunity to grow and create jobs by offering coffee or live jazz.”

Cannabis consumption lounges hopefully will become more accepted, further strengthening the cannabis industry.


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