Cannabis Cafés Again Proposed in California

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Vetoed last year, the bill would allow dispensaries to sell non-cannabis products along with cannabis.

A bill to create “cannabis cafes” in California is being reintroduced in the state (1). Previously, Assembly Bill 374 had been vetoed in October 2023 by Governor Gavin Newsom (2). “Protecting the health and safety of workers is paramount,” Newsom had stated in his veto, noting California’s existing smoke-free policies (2). “I encourage the author to address this concern in subsequent legislation.” The Cannabis Café Bill, as it was referred to, would have made it legal for dispensaries to sell food and drinks alongside cannabis products (2). Currently it is legal for customers to consume cannabis inside a dispensary, but dispensaries cannot sell other products including coffee, alcohol, or food (2).

After the veto, Assemblymember Matt Haney, author of Assembly Bill 374, stated that he intended to reintroduce the bill in 2024 (2). The bill had passed both in the Assembly and the Senate with considerable support (2). It was intended to give legal dispensaries in California leverage over illegal markets, which have recorded higher sales than the legal market (3). Haney had also noted that smoking in dispensaries has already been approved by voters (2).


The cannabis cafes would be similar to cannabis lounges in Amsterdam, which saw a decrease in illegal markets and an increase in tourism (3). "To be clear, we’re not saying that coffee shops should be allowed to sell cannabis," said Haney recently (3). "We’re saying that cannabis shops should be allowed to sell coffee. It shouldn’t be illegal for an existing cannabis business that already allows onsite smoking to move away from only selling marijuana and instead have the opportunity to grow and create jobs by offering coffee or live jazz."

Cannabis for recreational purposed became legal in California in 2016 (2).


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