June 2024 Webinar Coverage Round Up

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Let’s take a look at the most recent webinars on cannabis research and medicine to catch up on industry trends and innovations.

Stay up to date on the latest developments and challenges in the cannabis industry as we highlight several webinars and provide overviews of the topics discussed.

Cannabis and Dementia Symptoms: Healer Webinar Examines Relevant Research

Once per month, Dustin Sulak, DO, founder of Healer—a provider of medical cannabis training and products—hosts an in-depth analysis of medical cannabis studies. Healer webinars aim to summarize the results and provide commentary on relevant scientific publications on cannabis used for medicinal purposes. June’s webinar discussed six research studies on cannabis used to treat symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia related conditions. June is Alzheimer’s awareness month.

Read the full article on June’s Healer webinar here.


Cannabis Lab Shopping: Causes, Effects, and Solutions from a GMP Webinar

In their May webinar, the GMP Collective, an organization comprised of industry professionals advancing the science and safety of cannabis, presented “Ensuring Integrity: Unveiling the Truth Behind Cannabis Testing Practices,” the 21st episode in their webinar series, When Things Go Wrong. Three guest speakers contributed their perspectives in this hour-long discussion: Yasha Kahn, co-founder and VP of Marketing and Technology at MCR Labs; Brian Radtke, operator of the decontamination company My Virgin Mary and former operator of Green Dragon Colorado; and Niki Barber, consultant and former Chief Scientific Officer at NV Cann Labs. This episode highlighted the causes and effects of “lab shopping” on cultivators, laboratories, and consumers, plus solutions and ways to address the issue.

Read the full article on the practice of lab shopping and the various causes, effects, and potential solutions.

Insights and Achievements in Cannabis Science: Dr. Ethan Russo Discusses Dr. Raphael Mechoulam's Legacy

In April, MM411 hosted an hour-long webinar with Ethan Russo, MD, who presented, “Raphael Mechoulam: Adventures In Phytomedicine.” MM411, as explained by founder and President of Cannabis Education Chris Devol, was started in 2009 and is one of the first online resources for medical cannabis information, education, and certifications. Dr. Russo is a neurologist, medical researcher, and the founder of CReDO Science, which formulates cannabis-based products and provides education and consulting. In his presentation, he covered decades of important cannabis science, discoveries, and publications.

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A Three-Part Series from the Cannabis Center of Excellence on Cannabis as a Harm Reduction Tool

In this three-part series, Dr. Marion McNabb, Founder and President of the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE), and guest presenter Dr. Peter Grinspoon weighed in on cannabis as an alternative to harmful substances such as opioids. The CCOE is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization founded in 2018 with a mission to incorporate citizen-based medical cannabis studies and increase community engagement with research and education. The purpose of this live-discussion webinar series is to break down CCOE research studies into practical applications for clinical medicine, patients, policy makers to understand more about integrating cannabis as a harm-reduction therapy and its real-world risks and benefits. Dr. Grinspoon, primary care physician and medical cannabis expert, provided experiences from his own practice and research.

Part I: Study Results and Discussion from the Cannabis Center of Excellence

Part II: Recommendations for Integration

Part III: Recommendations for Future Policies

Stay tuned as we bring you more coverage on updates throughout the many facets of the cannabis industry!