April 2024 Cannabis Webinar Coverage Roundup

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A collection of our most recent webinar coverage discussing medical research and testing methods.

Webinars hosted by cannabis industry experts offer a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments and challenges in the cannabis industry. Read more from three recent webinars for industry insights and information.

Healer’s April Medical Cannabis Research Update

Once per month, Dustin Sulak, DO, founder of Healer—a provider of medical cannabis training and products—hosts an in-depth analysis of medical cannabis studies. Healer webinars were started in 2018 to help patients and providers stay up to date on the large number of cannabis studies being published. Past webinars have covered research on cannabis for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and neurological conditions. For April’s webinar topics, Dr. Sulak discussed studies that examined the entourage effect, cannabidiol (CBD) for treating anxiety and stress, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) for treating autism spectrum disorder, the impacts of cannabis on impairment, and the effects of using the endocannabinoid-like molecule palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) after a stroke. Joining him was Ethan Russo, MD, Founder and CEO of, board-certified neurologist, and psychopharmacology researcher.

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Cannabis for Harm Reduction: Study Results and Discussion from the Cannabis Center of Excellence

In the first installment of a new three-part webinar series, Dr. Marion McNabb, Founder and President of the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE), and guest presenter Dr. Peter Grinspoon weighed in on cannabis as an alternative to harmful substances such as opioids. The CCOE is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization founded in 2018 with a mission to incorporate citizen-based medical cannabis studies and increase community engagement with research and education. The purpose of this live-discussion webinar series is to break down CCOE research studies into practical applications for clinical medicine, patients, policy makers to understand more about integrating cannabis as a harm-reduction therapy and its real-world risks and benefits. Dr. Grinspoon, primary care physician and medical cannabis expert, provided experiences from his own practice and research.

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Safe and Consistent Cannabis Products: A GMP Collective Webinar on Fit for Purpose Testing Methods

In late March, the GMP Collective presented "Optimizing Quality: Exploring 'Fit for Purpose' Testing Methods in the Cannabis Industry," the nineteenth episode in their ongoing webinar series, When Things Go Wrong. The GMP Collective is a network of various industry experts and consultants working with regulators and standards development organizations to ensure quality, safety, and compliance for cannabis products. Moderated by Bethany Moore, Director of Content Strategy and Market Growth for the GMP Collective, and joined by the CEO of the GMP Collective, David Vaillencourt, this episode covered the importance of using ‘fit for purpose’ testing methods for cannabis products. The guest speakers, Jini Glaros, CSO at Modern Canna Labs, and Dylan Wilks, CTO at Orange Photonics, provided a great amount of detail, personal experiences, examples, and advice on this topic.

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