How to Market Your Extraction Brand Like a Pro

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 11am EDT| 8am PDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST Looking for insightful ways to make your extraction or infused products brand stand out among the masses? Join Agrify’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Josh Rutherfod in this exclusive webinar to learn how you can better market your business in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.

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Event Overview:
In today’s legal cannabis markets consumers are bombarded with a wide range of popular extracts, vaporizers, and infused products to choose from. For brands looking to be successful in this space, standing out among the masses is more crucial than ever. Having a strong brand identity that stands for something, has unique styling, and an effective marketing strategy can be the difference between becoming the next fan favorite or just another brand. Doing these things well takes careful planning in order to build a business that’s top of mind for consumers and budtenders alike. In this webinar you will hear from Agrify’s top marketing professional Josh Rutherford, VP of Corporate Development on the importance of building a strong marketing engine behind your brand and the strategies that the best in the business employ to maximize their sales.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Which marketing efforts extraction and infused product brands need to pay the most attention to.
  2. How to leverage packaging best practices to develop a cohesive strategy to stand out on dispensary shelves.
  3. Finding your brand’s voice on social media and ways to meaningfully connect with its audience to build brand loyalty.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone that works in cannabis extraction or with cannabis extraction brands (company owners, executives, consultants, marketers).


Josh Rutherfod
Vice President of Corporate Development

One of the original co-founders of PurePressure, Josh continues exercising his passion for the cannabis industry as the VP of Corporate Development for Agrify. After originally attending the University of Arizona he transferred to CU Boulder in 2011 as the cannabis industry was really getting started in Colorado. Cannabis has always been a passion and central to Josh’s life for many years. With extensive experience gathered growing cannabis as a master grower in commercial-scale gardens, Josh soon began offering expertise consulting for growers and extractors. When the rosin revolution was in its infancy, he realized rosin was the extraction method of the future, but was quickly frustrated by the poor quality and unreliable presses on the market. With a trusted friend, Ben Britton, Josh began this mission to solve this problem bringing the best products and technology to the rosin market. In addition to being a founder at PurePressure, Josh is also the co-owner of Kush Masters, a licensed extraction facility in Boulder producing top-tier concentrates and edibles.

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