Grow Your Skills in the Budding Cannabis Industry: A Virtual Symposium

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Thursday, February 10, 2022 and Friday, February 11, 2022 Cannabis presents an opportunity to be part of an exciting expanding industry. See ideas about building a successful team and robust methodology through industry and academic partnerships.

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Event Overview:

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry has provided a rare opportunity for scientists to be part of an emerging field. With that expansion, concerns related to the growth, extraction, and chemical analysis of cannabis have also increased. As new jurisdictions allow for cannabis, a disparate and constantly evolving compliance world has been created. Ideas for leveraging the research capabilities of academics to enhance problem solving and workflow optimization when working with the cannabis industry will be presented.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies for building a strong team in a cannabis facility
  • Approaches for addressing challenges of cannabis analysis
  • Understanding the intersection of product quality and safety

Who Should Attend:

  • Future or current cannabis lab managers
  • Future or current cannabis testing lab analysts and chemists
  • Entrepreneurs considering starting a cannabis testing lab


Steven Johnson, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Science and the Environment
Lake Superior State University

Ryan Ratzloff
Lion Labs

Anthony Macherone
Strategic Technical Scientist
Agilent Technologies

Derek Wright, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Lake Superior State University

Alexander Adams
Cambium Analytica

Dr. Markus Roggen
Delic Labs

R. Adam Mosey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Lake Superior State University

Jonathan Kane, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Lion Labs

Julie Kowalski
Lab Director
1st Choice Labs
Edward A. Palumbo II
Senior R&D Scientist

Christophe Deckers
Application Scientist, Sample Preparation
Agilent Technologies

Jean-Francois Roy
Mass Spectrometry Application Scientist
Agilent Technologies

Certificate-Based Master Class Speakers:

Benjamin Southwell, Lake Superior State University; Workshop Presentation on Sample Prep

Brian Whiteley, Agilent Technologies; Workshop Presentation on Potency Testing

Jean-Francois Roy, Agilent Technologies; Workshop Presentation on Pesticides Testing

Ron Honnald, Simon Jones, Agilent Technologies; Workshop Presentation on Terpenes and Residual Solvents Testing

Jenny Nelson, Craig Jones, Agilent Technologies; Workshop Presentation on Heavy Metals Testing

Heather Ebling, Medicinal Genomics; Workshop Presentation on Microbial Testing

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