First-Ever Triploid Cannabis Seed Line Released by Trilogene Seeds

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Trilogene Seeds recently announced the release of their new triploid THCa cannabis seeds.

In a recent press release (1) from Trilogene Seeds, a company well-known for their cannabis breeding and genetics techniques, have announced the unveiling of their new product offering, triploid tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) cannabis seeds. Through Trilogene Seeds engineering, they were able to create seeds that are able to offer multiple benefits to assist cannabis cultivation. Such as, seedless flower production, reduced seed production, improvements to flower morphology and trichome density, enhanced crop uniformity, and possibly higher flower yields (1).

Triploid seeds have begun to be introduced to the industry recently. The triploid cannabis plants contain three sets of chromosomes, one set of chromosomes comes from one parent and then two sets are provided by the second parent (2). By having this additional set of chromosomes, it grants the potential option for further genetic strains to be created because scientists will have additional phenotypes to utilize and offer further variation. A con found with triploid seeds though is that they don’t produce a lot of seeds. This is a result because by having an odd number of chromosomes, the cellular processes are affected (2).


Back in February 2024, we covered Humboldt Seed Company’s (HSC) press release regarding the debut of their latest triploid seeds called OG Kush Triploid and Donutz Triploid (3). Triploid seeds appear to be becoming a popular tool in the industry to assists in making cannabis cultivation easier, as well as increasing “competitiveness in the market” (3). “Triploid technology has revolutionized fruit production worldwide, notably in seedless watermelons and grapes—now it's coming to cannabis,” Ed Rosenthal, a cannabis horticulture expert, mentioned in the press release (3). “I had a chance to compare the triploid and diploid plants at the Humboldt Seed Company 2023 phenotype hunt. The triploids appeared more vigorous, had larger buds and higher trichome density, increasing the value for both the consumer and farmer.”

According to, the benefits of using triploid cannabis plants are (2):

  • Growing extremely high-quality marijuana, quicker, and with larger yields. Triploid cannabis plants have a tendency to grow much larger than regular diploid plants. The larger size, including bigger leaves and longer stems, is also more lucrative for cannabis farmers
  • More potent number of cannabinoids: Studies comparing polypoid versus diploid marijuana shows that there are more cannabinoid levels found in triploid cannabis
  • Larger buds: Triploid marijuana plants have been known to produce much larger flowers, and they flower in a much shorter span of time

“We take an approach that prioritizes integrity and rigorous scientific validation, pushing forward innovation within the cannabis industry,” Matthew Haddad, CEO and Founder of Trilogene Seeds, said (1). “Together with our lead Chief Science Officer, Oussama Badad, we are committed to leading the charge in research and development, ensuring that every breakthrough we achieve is grounded in solid science and brings tangible benefits to our customers and the wider cannabis community. Our mission is to amplify approaches that are not only scientifically sound but also ethically responsible, driving progress that uplifts the entire industry.”

Trilogene Seeds utilizes “extensive research and development, including insights from studies demonstrating the superior qualities of triploid organisms in terms of growth and secondary metabolite production,” (1). With this dedication towards genomic research, it will help grow the cannabis industry, especially for cannabis cultivation.


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