Two New Triploid Seeds Available from Humboldt Seed Company

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The two new triploid seeds made their debut after several years in the making.

In a press release from January 30, 2024, Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) announced the debut of their latest triploid cannabis seeds (1). HSC, established in 2001, is reportedly the largest licensed seller of cannabis seeds in California (1,2). The new seeds, OG Kush Triploid and Donutz Triploid, are intended to make home cultivation easier and to increase competitiveness in the market (1). Triploids are created through a breeding process that results in three chromosomes rather than the typical two (1).

"This seed release has been a long time coming," stated Benjamin Lind, co-founder and chief science officer of Humboldt Seed Company, in the press release (1). "It's been over five years since we discovered a naturally occurring triploid during a phenotype hunt in Grass Valley, California. After extensive, large-scale field trials with leading, licensed California farms and our collaboration with Richard Philbrook, a molecular biologist at Dark Heart Labs, we are excited to release stable, high-THC triploid seeds."

Some of the benefits of triploid seeds, HSC noted in the press release, are increased tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), flower yields, and rosin yields (1).


"Triploid technology has revolutionized fruit production worldwide, notably in seedless watermelons and grapes—now it's coming to cannabis," said Ed Rosenthal, a cannabis horticulture expert, in the press release (1). "I had a chance to compare the triploid and diploid plants at the Humboldt Seed Company 2023 phenotype hunt. The triploids appeared more vigorous, had larger buds and higher trichome density, increasing the value for both the consumer and farmer."

HSC has also posted on their website several frequently asked questions regarding triploids. Below are two of the questions and answers (2):

1. Is Triploid Cannabis GMO?

No, Triploid Cannabis seeds are not genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They are created by inducing an extra set of chromosomes, resulting in seedless plants that occur naturally and do not involve genetic manipulation.

2. Are triploid cannabis plants legal to grow and consume?

Yes, depending on your local authorization. Triploid Cannabis can be grown wherever cannabis is legal to cultivate.

Triploid seeds from HSC are currently available in the US and due to be released in Europe later this year (1).


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