Ensuring the Longevity of the Cannabis Industry – Honest, Accurate Science

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Webinar Date/Time: Tue, Mar 7, 2023 2:00 PM EST

In this webcast, experts will discuss their vision for the future of the cannabis market as well as some suggestions for more accurate and honest cannabis testing.

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Event Overview:

The cannabis market has grown significantly in recent years. However, this has not been a smooth ride and many challenges are associated with cannabis testing. Most recently, the phenomenon of lab shopping, where producers have the same sample analyzed by multiple labs and pick the chosen lab for the best-fitting result, has been reported as a major threat to the legitimacy of the industry. Together with product mislabeling, these issues have led to customer mistrust, resulting lawsuits, and have even led to labs closing due to the unfairness of the situation.

As a primary source of trusted answers, Agilent Technologies invites all to a panel discussion in which several experts in the cannabis market will discuss their daily reality. In addition, these experts will discuss their vision for the future of the cannabis market as well as some suggestions for more accurate and honest cannabis testing. Questions can be submitted for the panel that will then be answered during the live Q&A session.

Key Topics to Discuss:

  • Persistence of fire-fighting operating mode in cannabis labs
  • Technical gaps seen in cannabis labs
  • Impact of constantly evolving regulations on a lab
  • Accuracy and precision of reference cannabinoid standards
  • The value of participating in the standards development process
  • Labs turning on each other to win customers
  • Regulations coming full circle: Regulations are for maintaining scientific integrity, but science is being compromised to meet these regulations
  • Laboratories are being creative in how they meet regulatory requirements thus compromising science to retain customer base
  • How an industry need becomes a standard
  • How workflows may impact both regulatory compliance and ISO 17025-2017 accreditation requirements
  • How minor adjustments early on in project planning/implementation may prevent major setbacks later

Featured Panelists:

Susan Audino, Ph.D.
Assessor and Instructor for ISO/IEC
Principal, Audino & Associates, LLC

An analytical chemist and statistician, Dr. Audino is an independent consultant to chemical and biological laboratories, assesses laboratories on behalf of accreditation bodies, and teaches multiple ISO standards such as ISO/IEC 17025. Dr. Audino serves on multiple boards of directors, is Science Advisor to the AOAC Cannabis Analytical Science Program, has consulted for many testing laboratories, state regulatory bodies, and scientific organizations, and has been an invited speaker at numerous domestic and international conferences. She has been on faculty at the Society for Cannabis Clinicians, Teachable Medicine, and Eastern Analytical Symposium. Dr. Audino operates multiple independent companies, has several patents pending, is a contributing author to Cannabis Laboratory Fundamentals, and contributes a monthly column to MJ Biz Science.

Kate Evans, Ph.D
CEO, Owner
Longboard Scientific Consulting

Dr. Evans is the principal and owner of Longboard Scientific Consulting Corporation based out of Colorado Springs, CO. Her current projects include helping third-party laboratory startups, including assistance with licensing, regulatory compliance, laboratory design and workflow optimization, and implementation of GMP for manufacturing facilities. She also supports existing testing laboratories with sample preparation, methods development and validation, training of staff and ISO 17025 implementation, and performing assessments for both ANAB and A2LA. In addition to being an active member of ASTM D37.03 Laboratory Subcommittee and AOAC CASP, Dr. Evans also participates in Colorado’s Pesticide Task Group and is on the editorial board of Cannabis Science and Technology.

Jimmy Farrell
Technical Committee Manager
ASTM International

Jimmy Farrell is a manager in the Technical Committee Operations Division of ASTM International. In his role, Jimmy has direct responsibility for the standards development activities of 4 ASTM committees including D37 on Cannabis. D37 addresses the development and maintenance of standards and guidance materials for cannabis and its products and processes by bringing together producers, users, testing labs, regulators, lending and insurance experts, and all others with an interest in the cannabis industry. Which focus on the development of test methods, practices and guides for cultivation, quality assurance, laboratory considerations, personnel training, industrial hemp, devices, packaging and security, sustainability and financial services and insurance.

Julie Kowalski
JA Kowalski Science Support

Julie Kowalski is a technical consultant serving the cannabis and hemp testing markets. Her professional experience includes working in cannabis labs bringing expertise in troubleshooting, method development and validation for GC, GC-MS, LC, and LC-MS/MS. She also performs ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation assessments. Julie is very active in the scientific community volunteering for various organizations, including serving as co-chair of the AOAC Cannabis Analytical Science Program [CASP] Chemistry Working Group, participating on the AOAC CASP Proficiency Testing Advisory Task Force, and serving on the AOAC Expert Review Panels. Julie is also servicing as the Analytical Track Chair of the 2023 Cannabis Science Conferences.

Benjamin Southwell
Assistant Professor
Lake Superior State University

Benjamin Southwell holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry from Lake Superior State University [LSSU] and Central Michigan University, respectively. Benjamin has a research focus on studying the analytics of cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis products as the coordinator for the LSSU Cannabis Center of Excellence. Currently, he instructs courses in forensic, analytical, and cannabis chemistry.

Register Free: https://globalmeet.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1596228&tp_key=08abe8997e