COVID-19 and Cannabis: What’s the Breakdown of the Research?

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Tue, Aug 30, 2022 11:00 AM EDT COVID-19 and cannabis, where is the evidence and what does the research say? What impact does medical cannabis have related to COVID-19, and what are the impacts of the rising opioid epidemic, addiction, and overdose rates.

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Event Overview:

Since 2021, several animal research studies have been conducted related to cannabis and its potential role in the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The studies that have been conducted, have still primarily been done in animal models, and there is room to further explore the role in human populations. In 2020, the Cannabis Center of Excellence launched the COVID-19 and Cannabis Consumer and Patient Research study, asking consumers and patients the impact of COVID-19 on consumption patterns, use, access, and knowledge. This study was conducted with UMass Dartmouth, and approved by their IRB. A discussion about the research findings in comparison with other published studies will be held by Dr. Marion McNabb and Dr. Peter Grisnpoon. The panel will also discuss the intersection of the increasing rates of opioid overdoses, and addiction rates as a result of the sustained COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Learning Objectives:
Learners will gain knowledge about the impact of COVID-19 on health conditions, medication use, and impact on quality of life.
Participants will learn the various studies related to COVID-19 and the impact of cannabis.
Participants will learn where to gain further information about COVID-19 and cannabis, and its intersection with rising addiction and overdose rates seen rising with COVID-19.

Who Should Attend:
Clinicians, researchers, patients, community members, policymakers, academics

Dr. Marion McNabb
Cannabis Center of Excellence

Dr. Marion McNabb is the CEO of 510 Innovations, LLC, a company providing cannabis and entheogenic medicine research, data analytics, and education services. She is also the president and founder of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, a 510c3 non-profit based out of Massachusetts. Dr. McNabb is the current appointee for cannabis retail operations (2021 - 2023) to the Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board, appointed by the Treasurer of Massachusetts. She is also a member of the CannabisBPO Advisory Board. Dr. McNabb was instrumental in advocating for the cannabis research license in Massachusetts, forming a four-year running research and education partnership with UMass Dartmouth, conducting six cannabis adult-use consumers and patients research studies from 2017-2022, with research findings published in the scientific literature. She has over 15 years of global public health experience working internationally on HIV/AIDS, and Maternal and Child Health programs.

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