Cannabis Cultivation 2.0- The Future of Cultivation Science and Practices in an Evolving Cannabis Industry: A Virtual Symposium

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*Live: Thursday June 24, 2021 at 10am | 2pm EDT* As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve and grow so does the need for innovation in cultivation. This symposium will cover the evolving trends and strategies in growing cannabis using the best of traditional methods and application of proven agricultural science.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Session 1 - Innovations in Cannabis Cultivation Science: 10am-12:30pm EDT

Session 2 - Modern Cannabis Cultivation Practices: 2-4:30pm EDT

Event Overview:

Building on the long legacy of cannabis cultivation in the US over the last 70 years, today’s top cannabis growers are infusing traditional practices with modern scientific strategies developed by industrial agriculture. However, combining these two worlds requires understanding the subtle differences in the biology of the cannabis plant and the nuances of the history of cannabis culture. This symposium will highlight some of the new trends and innovations in cannabis cultivation and how successful growers on leveraging the best of both worlds to meet the evolving demands of a dynamic cannabis market.

Key Learning Objectives:

Attendees will get specific takeaways on the following topics:

  • Better understanding of the genetic and environmental forces at play when cultivating cannabis
  • What cannabis cultivators can learn from industrial agriculture practices
  • Which industrial agriculture practices can be applied to cannabis and which can’t
  • How the growth and evolution of the cannabis market will change the approach to cultivation

Who Should Attend:

  • Cannabis cultivators
  • Investors in cannabis cultivation facilities
  • Cultivation facility designers and consultants
  • Suppliers to the cannabis cultivation industry
  • Cannabis cultivators and scientists


Session 1 - Innovations in Cannabis Cultivation Science, 10am-12:30pm EDT

Importance of Balanced Nutrition

Steve Loveday, Epoch Science Company

Groundbreaking Organically Cultivated Cannabis

Dozie Mbonu, CEO, Janerette’s Eco-Friendly Fungi

Outdoor Cannabis Appellations, Living Soil and How that Impacts the Plant's Flavor and Effect, Soil, and How that Relates to Cure

Aaron Keefer, VP of Cannabis Cultivation and Production, Sonoma Hills Farm

Using Technology to Scale and Optimize Efficiently

Jack Whipple, CEO, Whipple Effect

People, Process, Plants: Designing a High-Performance Cultivation Facility

Lucas Targos, VP of Facility Integration, Urban-Gro

Session 1 Panel Discussion

All Presenters

Closing Remarks

Session 2 - Modern Cannabis Cultivation Practices, 2-4:30pm EDT

Eradicating Pesticide Use in the Cannabis Industry

Carlos Perea, Terra Vera

Utilizing Regenerative Agricultural Practices to Optimally Sequester Carbon for Carbon Credits

Gary Chavez, Director of Science, Santa Fe Farms

Intersection of Legacy Cultivation Ideas and Modern, Scientific Research

David Kessler, CSO, Agrify Corporation

Cultivation Techniques: Combining New Technology with Traditional Techniques

Chris Ball, CEO, Ball Family Farms

Session 2 Panel Discussion

All Presenters

Closing Remarks

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