January/February 2021

Turning the Page to a New Year

February 05, 2021

From the Editor

A letter from Group Editorial Director, Megan L'Heureux, highlighting COVID-19 research, the announcement of Cannabis Science and Technology®'s partnership with Havas ECS, and the launch of our sister publication, Cannabis Patient Care™.

Cannabis Water Report Highlights Opportunities for Water Efficiency

February 05, 2021

The Cultivation Classroom

Learn the ways cannabis cultivation uses water as a resource, how to measure and benchmark the key performance indicators (KPIs) for water efficiency and productivity, and the benefits of monitoring, quantifying, and ranking KPIs for water.

Connecting Cannabis with the Evolving Needs of the Consumer

February 05, 2021

Tech Innovations

Here we discuss issues such as how a repeatable outcome is a critical component of developing cannabis as a reliable medicinal treatment, insight into how to work out extraction goals such as quality terpene development, and more.

Lighting: Setting the Stage for Genetic Potential in Cannabis and Hemp

February 05, 2021


Soil, water, and nutrient compositions play important roles in one’s quest to produce ultrapremium flower material; but unequivocally, it is lighting spectrum, coverage, and penetration that have the most influence over the terminal outcome, particularly in controlled environment agriculture.

Back to the Root The Role of Botany and Plant Physiology in Cannabis Testing, Part IV: The Botany of Cannabinoids or Why Do Plants Produce Cannabinoids and What’s in it for Them?

February 04, 2021


This article explores what we do and don’t know about the origins of Cannabis ssp. from a botanical perspective and outlines some of the hypotheses proposed to explain the “why” of cannabinoid production in plants and the approaches that researchers are taking to try and answer this elusive question.