Want to Learn More about The Film “Unprescribed”?

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The award-winning 2020 film "Unprescribed" documents the stories of veterans, cannabis advocacy, and the fight to end veteran suicide. Here is your resource for trailers, interviews, and more.

Steve Ellmore, a 20-year air force veteran, created the film “Unprescribed” as part of his mission to share the stories of those who, like him, have found healing with cannabis and plant-based medicine. “In their own words,” Ellmore said, “this film is the voice of veterans everywhere. We are asking for cannabis.” He also founded The Unprescribed nonprofit to continue to spread awareness and support of veterans through film screenings. Below are seven ways to take a deeper dive or join the cause.

1. “A Hero’s Journey: Fighting for Medical Cannabis as a Patient, a Veteran, and an Advocate” by Erin McEvoy provides a comprehensive overview of the journey behind the film, nonprofit, and the outreach continuing today. Read the full article from the November/December 2022 issue of Cannabis Patient Care.

2. Watch a 2022 "Unprescribed" trailer featuring Dr. Sue Sisley and veterans Josh Frey and Boone Cutler.

3. Watch the full feature-length film Unprescribed” on Prime Video:

4. Learn more about The Unprescribed nonprofit: and support their mission: The UP! Life podcast (hosted by Steve Ellmore and Cherissa Jackson) is on all major platforms: iHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts.

5. Hear Cherissa Jackson explain in one minute why “Unprescribed” is an important film:


6. “Unprescribed” was screened at Cannabis Science Conference Spring 2023 and Ellmore hosted a Q&A with the audience afterwards. One of their newest projects is teaching grow classes to welcome adult use and home cultivation in Maryland, and they are seeking sponsors for grow supplies. Contact them at for more information.

7. Featured in the film is Canadian veteran Fabian Henry, a mentor to Steve Ellmore. Read a recent interview with Henry about his own work with veterans and holistic healing here.