US Virgin Islands Approves Recreational Cannabis Regulations

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The proposed amendments detailed several areas in regulating of recreational cannabis in the US territory.

Earlier this week, the Cannabis Advisory Board accepted a set of proposed regulations for the recently approved recreational cannabis law in the US Virgin Islands (1). The approval marks a step towards the governing and regulating of recreational cannabis use. “We have been waiting a very long time for this,” Catherine Kean, chairperson for the advisory board (1). The vote was unanimous (2). The public will soon have the option to express their opinions on the 66 pages of rules in a 30-day comment period (1).

Last year, Act 8680, which outlined legalizing cannabis for recreational and sacramental uses, was approved, but its enactment was stalled for various reasons (1,2). People ages 21 and older will be allowed possession of two ounces of cannabis or half an ounce of concentrate for non-medical uses (3).


Cannabis for medicinal uses was approved in 2019 (1). Patients are able to possess a maximum of four ounces of cannabis, two ounce of products, or one ounce of cannabis concentrate (1). Practitioners are now able to register online to qualify for recommending cannabis to patients (2).

A list of people potentially qualified for an expungement of past charges of cannabis possession will soon be submitted for board approval (1). Reportedly, an estimated 300 people have been convicted in the past 20 years (2). “It is my goal to make sure many of us who have been negatively impacted by the criminalization of cannabis are afforded every opportunity to participate in this new and legal cannabis industry,” stated Governor Albert Bryan Jr. after the law was first approved (3).

More developments are anticipated soon: the Office of Cannabis Regulations will hold “fireside chat” meetings with stakeholders in the industry, applications for cultivating or licenses for dispensaries will open within the year, and the advisory board will meet again in April (2).


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