Top 9 Articles from 2019

January 7, 2020
Megan L'Heureux

Here we take a look at our top 9 articles from 2019

#1. The Latest Medical Cannabis Research: Dr. Ethan Russo Discusses Neurological Research, Dosing, and More

In this interivew, Dr. Ethan Russo, Director of Research and Development for the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI), discusses some of his recent research efforts, cannabis dosing, and his continued push to change the stigma against cannabis as a medicine.
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#2. Understanding VPD and Transpiration Rates for Cannabis Cultivation OperationsBy Laura Breit, Michael Leavitt, and Adam Boyd
This article explores how vapor pressure differentials (VPD) affect transpiration rates in cannabis plants. Understanding of VPD at different temperatures and relative humidities, and its effect on this process, is important to gain maximum plant growth.
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#3. 35 Women Making an Impact in Cannabis Science and MedicineBy Josh Crossney
Josh Crossney highlights some of the amazing women that spoke at the first Cannabis Science Conference East show in 2019.
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#4. Factors Influencing Yields in Extraction, Part I: Understanding the Influence of Starting Material and Performing Extraction CalculationsBy Krista Kulczycki and Aaron Godin
At a glance, modern extraction machines can seem a little mysterious: plant material is added to an extraction chamber, processing parameters are chosen, the extraction process is carried out, and an output of material is collected. Part I of this series examines the two main biologically-inherent starting-material influences.
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#5. Making Sense of Cannabis Strains Through Chemometrics in ReviewBy Cindy Orser and Philippe Henry
The cannabis industry is constrained by the continued use of acronyms and nonstandard abbreviations for strain naming in lieu of a scientific-based standardized classification convention or lexicon. Applying chemometric tools can result in not only the authentication of a given cannabis cultivar but also provide a quality control mechanism for both cannabis flower and any resulting cannabis-based drugs.
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#6. Extraction Basics, Scientifically SpeakingBy Amber Wise
An overview of extraction terminology, specific types of extraction methodologies, and clarification on some common misconceptions
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#7. Right From the Grow: A Look at Sampling and Sample Preparation Methods of Solid Cannabis for AnalysisBy Patricia Atkins
Laboratories are challenged with highly regulated and difficult sample schematics, sample preparation, extraction, and testing procedures that try to ensure accuracy and precision of testing. Accuracy in analytical testing starts at the very beginning with sampling and sample preparation prior to testing.
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#8. The Importance of Representative Sampling in Cannabis AnalysisBy Brian C. Smith
Learn why your sample needs to be stable, homogeneous, and representative of the batch from which it is taken.
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#9. Cultivating with LEDs: Past, Present, and FutureBy Roger Kern
Driven by the need to save energy and reduce operational costs, indoor growers are turning to alternative means of illuminating their cannabis crop. In more and more indoor grows, high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) are being swapped out for light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
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