Top 8 Articles from 2018

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We took a look at our most read articles from 2018; here are the top 8. 

1. The Quantitative Determination of Phytocannabinoids in Hemp Oils Using HPLC with UV Detection
Presented herein is a procedure for the quantitative determination of 11 important cannabinoids, including CBD, in hemp oil using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with ultraviolet (UV) detection.

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2. A Comprehensive Approach to Pesticide Residue Analysis in Cannabis

Here the authors present a straightforward acetonitrile extraction using a solid-phase extraction (SPE) cartridge and targeted dispersive solid-phase extraction (dSPE) cleanup. Read the full article 

3. Pioneering Spirits: Three Women Leaders in Cannabis Science Share Their Trials, Tribulations, Successes, and Advice

"Cannabis Crossroads" shares inspiring stories of passion and persistence by highlighting the amazing efforts of some truly pioneering women: Shannon Hoffman, Dr. Jacklyn R. Green, and Dr. Sue Sisley, M.D. Read the full article

4. Error, Accuracy, and Precision

Find out if you know the difference between accuracy and precision. Read the full article


5. Curbing the Cannabis Industry's Appetite for Energy

A look at energy consumption in the cannabis industry and suggestions on how cultivator's can reduce those costs. Read the full article

6. Advancing Chromatography Methods for Cannabis Analysis

Anthony Macherone, senior scientist at Agilent Technologies and visiting scientist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, recently spoke to us about his research and the chromatographic techniques he's found to be most effective for profiling cannabinoids and terpenes, detecting pesticides, and residual solvents testing. Read the full interview

7. Goal-Oriented Extraction Processes

One of the key challenges when designing a cannabis processing plant is the overwhelming number of options available. A goal-oriented approach, focused on finding the best fit between process and physicochemical product attributes is critical. Read the full article

8. Holding Data to a Higher Standard, Part I: A Guide to Standard Production, Use, and Data Validation

The complex question of whether or not data or results are valid involves both the testing process and the actual calculated results. Read the full article