Tilray Distribution Agreement with Great North Distributors for Cannabis Sales in Canada Renewed

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Tilray Brands, Inc., has renewed its agreement with Great North Distributors, Inc., in Canada where Great North is their exclusive representative for Tilray’s portfolio of cannabis products.

Tilray Brands, Inc. (Tilray), one of the major global cannabis and consumer packaged goods company, renewed their national brokerage agreement with the Great North Distributors, Inc. (Great North), one of Canada’s major national sales brokers for legalized adult-use cannabis (1). In the agreement, it details that Great North will remain the exclusive representative for Tilray’s full portfolio of recreational cannabis products throughout the Canadian marketplace, making an exception for the province of Quebec. The portfolio for Tilray includes RIFF, Canaca, Good Supply, The Batch, Solei, Chowie Wowie, and most recently, Original Stash, Bake Sale, and Redecan.

With their renewed contract, Great North will be investing a large headcount to the division dedicated to Tilray which spans through all territories and provinces (1). The company will be working on brand education for budtenders, upgrading key account resources, and enhanced data capabilities that will help retailers in making important decisions to maximize sales revenue.


“As the Canadian cannabis retail landscape continues to evolve, continuity in our distributor allows us to capture significant synergies and further optimize our national sales strategy. Our renewed agreement will further drive exceptional route-to-market efficiencies for our market-leading and growing cannabis portfolio which now includes HEXO brands,” said, Blair MacNeil, President, Tilray Canada (1). “Great North’s national Canadian network is best positioned to help us accelerate growth and capture even more market share across Canada. As we continue to build our brands, our longstanding relationship with Great North provides us with the flexibility to adjust to market conditions in real time.”

“Securing the trust of Tilray cements our cannabis sales leadership position in Canada,” said Doug Wieland, President, Great North Distributors (1). “Great North has executed in the Canadian cannabis market since day one and will continue to bring sales execution excellence to Tilray and now Hexo portfolio of brands. Additionally, we are investing resources to bring market-leading brand education and activation to our retail partners to support them in achieving their revenue and profit goals."

Great North has a strong presence in every province in Canada. This includes having established relationship and experience working with provincially owned and operated retailers and private retailers in the Canadian cannabis industry.


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