The Pope ProPass At A Glance

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Recognized for decades for molecular distillation excellence, Pope Scientific proudly presents the ProPass 600 series of Canna Stills.

This single-stage wiped-film distillation system contains the core essentials for reliable, round the clock operation. All 316L stainless steel construction with no glass except for armored sight glasses, provides durability and high heat transfer rates for maximum efficiency and throughput.

  • Developed to provide the greatest reliable throughput per dollar possible!
  • Choice of electric band or hot oil jacket heating.
  • An industrial duty no-frills, robust and efficient 6” Wiped Film cannabinoid still.
  • Designed as an all 316L stainless steel system, not a modification of a glass standard still system.
  • Features a single-stage system capable of performing the typical two types of passes for cannabinoid distillation or for other special one-pass applications.
  • Modularly designed for expansion of production needs, and easy linking of extra stages in a series if required - no need to purchase “all at once.”
  • Includes the basics for what is necessary to start continuous processing right out of the crate, with the option to upgrade components based on a customer’s preferences and budget.

Optional Packages:

To suit the unique preferences and budget of the operator, a variety of options are available including:

  • Hot Oil Heating Substitution Package
  • Feed Rate Display & Control Package
  • Real-time Distillate Percentage Display Package, (eliminating bucket & stopwatch verifications)
  • Vacuum Booster Package (Diffusion or other types)
  • Automatic Vacuum Control Package
  • Data Recording & Management Package
  • Feed & Receiver Vessel Package Choices

Contact Pope for more details regarding pricing and packages available.