The National Cannabis Roundtable Grows its Members

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The organization, focused on effecting cannabis reform, recently added three new members.

In a press release from January 30, 2024, the National Cannabis Roundtable (NCR) announced the addition of three new members to its organization (1). The NCR is comprised of various cannabis companies with a combined mission to shape the cannabis industry in a way that “nurtures the nascent domestic industry, protects consumers, and advances social equity” (1). The newest companies, Ascend Wellness Holdings, Proper Brands, and Verano, join over a dozen current members (2).

“I am pleased to welcome these new members that are joining us during a pivotal year for the cannabis industry,” said Saphira Galoob, Executive Director of the NCR, in the press release (1). “As nascent industry leaders, their collective insights and support of a diverse and equitable industry will further fortify NCR’s ongoing efforts to engage with policymakers, collaborate across sectors, and drive meaningful change in the evolving landscape of federal cannabis policy.”


As noted in the press release, Ascend Wellness, one of the new members, is a vertically integrated operator with assets in seven states (1). “We are proud to join the important federal work being led by the National Cannabis Roundtable to advocate for social justice, promote sensible policies, and contribute to the sustainable and safe development of the cannabis industry,” said Frank Perullo, Co-Founder and Director of Ascend Wellness (1). “This is an exciting time as we are watching legalization rapidly sweep the country, creating opportunities for operators and meeting the needs of patients and consumers. We look forward to supporting the mission of NCR and working together to create an industry we all will be proud of.”

Additionally, Proper Brands, a vertical cannabis company in St. Louis, Missouri, joined the organization (1). “We are thrilled to join NCR, an exciting partnership that aligns our vision for positive change in the cannabis industry,” said John Pennington, CEO and Co-Founder of Proper Brands (1). “Joining forces with an exceptional team of leaders and organizations, we are poised to drive transformative policy improvements, ushering in a new era of progress in the economic and social landscape of cannabis.”

Finally, Verano is a vertically integrated company with operations in 13 states (1). “The National Cannabis Roundtable conducts important work advancing sensible and equitable cannabis reform policies that seek the best possible solutions for legal cannabis businesses, patients, and consumers nationwide, and we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to join them in support of these critical objectives,” said Darren Weiss, President of Verano (1). “As cannabis continues to be recognized for its numerous economic, social, and scientifically proven health benefits the federal government now officially acknowledges, we’re thrilled to support the National Cannabis Roundtable and their impactful advocacy initiatives.”


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