The CURE Brand Expands Cannabis Wellness Consumer Products to Asia

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In a recent press release, the CURE Brand announced their cannabis product expansion into Asia through a joint partnership with Hirokazu Yamura.

On November 14, 2023, The CURE Brand (CURE), which is an international lifestyle brand targeting the “modern CBD consumer” (1), disclosed in a press release that they have formed a joint partnership with Hirokazu Yamura (1), CEO of AJP Co Ltd. With this partnership, it will help move their cannabis product offerings into Asia’s cannabis market, specifically in Japan, into retail and e-commerce marketplaces (1).

CURE was founded in 2019 and is based in New York. The CURE Brand is a cannabidiol (CBD) wellness company orchestrated by Roland Nesi, the founder of Roar Organic and Health and Wellness expert Saf Sadiq (1). With their experiences, the company was able to create a product line of CBD-infused gummies, sparkling waters, and wellness shots, to aid consumers in achieving “levels of energy, relaxation, relief, and sleep,” (1). CURE currently offers their products at over 2,500 retail locations throughout the US.


Moving into the Asian market is an exciting new step for the company. To bring the CURE Brand into the Japanese CBD marketplace, Hirokazu Yamura, will help import their products through their joint partnership. Yamura has previously helped bring other US cannabis brands into the Asian market (1). In Japan, the CURE Brand will be able to offer products from their portfolio such as beverages, edibles, creams, and supplements at locations varying from drug stores, E-commerce platforms, and sporting goods stores.

"We are thrilled to bring the benefits of CURE products to consumers in Japan," said Saf Sadiq, CEO of CURE (1). "Premium quality CBD products are now a global demand, as we've recently seen in Europe and other parts of the world. We now have the privilege to partner with Hiro Yamura to provide Asian consumers with our plant-powered alternative products."

The CURE Brand looks to expand their product offerings into other parts of Asia outside of Japan. Such as South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore (1). To be able to expand their portfolio to other locations, Marc Lustig, a cannabis expert and entrepreneur (1), is leading a funding round for the company.


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