The Cannabist Company Reports New Partnership with Airo

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Airo and The Cannabist Company have announced their new multi-state retail and wholesale partnership.

On November 21, 2023, The Cannabist Company, which is one of the biggest retailers, cultivators, and manufacturers located within the US, disclosed that they have formed a new partnership with Airo, a company that specializes in vaporizer products (1).

With this new partnership, The Cannabist Company will begin selling Airo’s inhalation brand products in their three Columbia Care dispensaries located in Delaware (1). According to a recent press release, The Cannabist Company will begin to list Airo’s products in their wholesale channels “in the coming weeks” (1). The Cannabist Company will also offer their new partner’s merchandise in their dispensary network within the next few months. This includes locations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, pending regulatory approval (1).


“Airo is one of the most recognized and innovative vaporization brands, and we are thrilled to bring their high-performance vaporizers and unique oils into our dispensaries. Their products, which offer a consistent and intuitive experience, align perfectly with our mission to provide unmatched, superior quality for anyone who walks into our dispensaries,” Jesse Channon, The Cannabist Company’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented (1). “We are excited to bring these amazing products to additional markets as we continue to meet the expanding needs of our patients and customers as the cannabis industry grows and evolves.”

“We’re excited to be able to provide Delaware with our quality products and couldn’t have found a better partner than The Cannabist Company. The quality experience provided by their dispensaries are a great match with Airo,” said Richard Yost, CEO, Airo Brands (1).

Among their current merchandise line, Airo will be launching their new premium vapor systems and AiroPod cartridge oil formulations (1). The vapor systems will include the AiroSport, AiroX Disposable, and AiroPro. In regard to their cartridge oil formulations, Airo will be debuting Live Flower Series, Artisan Series, and their Strain Series. The company’s press release mentioned that the Strain Series will comprise of Northern Lights Indica, Cherry AK Sativa, and Blue Dream Hybrid (1). For Airo’s Artisan Series, they will carry Mystical Melody Hybrid, Midnight Moon Indica, and Black Mamba Sativa. Lastly, Airo’s Live Flower Series will include Lemon Jet Fuel Gelato Indica, Jack Fruit Sativa, and Gelonade Hybrid (1).


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