Technical Program Director Julie Kowalski Discusses Insights at the Cannabis Science Conference 2024

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Live from the Cannabis Science Conference, Julie Kowalski shares her perspective on the conference.

Filmed onsite at the Cannabis Science and Technology booth, Julie Kowalski, Principal Scientific Consultant at JA Kowalski Science Support LLC, shares what she most enjoyed at the Cannabis Science Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kowalski, Technical Program Director of the Cannabis Science Conference and the Program Chair for the Analytical Track, helped lead the pre-conference workshop, “Cannabis Science, Testing and Troubleshooting with Experts: Turning Mountains into Molehills,” an afternoon of discussion between lab scientists, technicians, lab managers, scientific directors, non-science lab owners, GMP professionals, and anyone interested in cannabis science and testing.

A trailblazer in the field, Julie Kowalski applied her expertise in chemical contaminants to cannabis testing in the early days of recreational cannabis legalization in the United States. Hear more from Julie about developing the Analytical Track and the latest in analytical cannabis.

Watch our exclusive, onsite interview at the Cannabis Science and Technology booth with Julie Kowalski and read the transcript below for more insights into the conference.


What has been the biggest development or innovation you have seen at this Cannabis Science Conference?

Julie Kowalski: The most fun I've had was at a pre-conference workshop yesterday, which is essentially a help session. So we send out to get questions in advance. It's called “Mountains to Molehills,” so the idea is we have our hosts, which are experienced people, and we just go through the questions. Other people that are attending are also communicating with each other and helping each other. So just trying to build a community of scientists that want to help each other out. So that was really fun yesterday.