Suncrafted Cannabis Partners with Local Cranberry Grower to Create Cranberry LR Gummies

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Suncrafted Cannabis will unveil its Cranberry Sunnies, solventless rosin chews, on April 13 at a special launch party being held from 5pm to 8pm at the Speedwell Tavern, 47 Main Street, Plymouth, MA.

Suncrafted Cannabis, a medical and recreational cannabis grower and retail store with a focus on sustainable practices in cannabis production (1), has partnered with a local cranberry grower from Carver, Massachusetts to produce their latest product, Cranberry Sunnies.

“Cranberries are synonymous with the Plymouth-Middleborough-Carver region. So it was literally and figuratively a natural idea to use cranberries in some of our products,” said Suncrafted Cannabis President Tim McNamara (1). “As we’re a Middleborough-based business, we’re grateful to the Speedwell Tavern for letting us come here Plymouth to share some information on the cranberry gummies and our other products.”


Individuals 21 and older are invited to attend their launch party at the Speedwell Tavern. To RSVP for the event, visit For more information about the Speedwell Tavern, click here.

Suncrafted Cannabis first opened for business in September 2022 but will be holding its grand opening later in the month on April 20th at its store and farm located at 477 Wareham Street, Middleborough, Massachusetts.

For information on the Grand Opening and Suncrafted Cannabis in general, visit