SpinDexer with PrimoCombi Vitamin Gummy Packaging

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WeighPack Systems Inc, leader in turn-key gummy packaging automation presents its PrimoCombi® count by weight filler with high speed SpinDexer® rotary bottle filler.

With many global installations, the SpinDexer rotary bottle filler is available in several models including its base model for up to 60 bottles per minute, its HS model for high speed applications up to 150 bottles per minute and its XL model for large format club sizes.

Its unique filling system allows for sticky gummies to be filled thru narrow neck containers by eliminating bridging and ensuring optimal bottle transfer from each traveling funnel.

This SpinDexer rotary bottle filling machine and PrimoCombi combination weigher can accommodate both gelatin and pectin gummies as well as sanded, sugared, oiled and waxed formats.

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