SP Industries and Ecodyst Announce Partnership to Distribute Single Sample Evaporation Systems

SP Industries recently announced a distribution partnership agreement with Ecodyst Inc., benefitting both companies evaporation equipment.

SP Industries recently announced a distribution partnership agreement with Ecodyst Inc. (1). According to the press release, during sample preparation, evaporation is used when samples need to be dried before being analyzed. Ecodyst offers a full range of single sample evaporators from benchtop to industrial models. Those models all reportedly provide self-cooling condenser technology for maximum efficiency, lower environmental impact, and sample quality. If multiple samples require to be dried, SP Genevac parallel centrifugal evaporators reportedly eradicate the solvent drying bottleneck in the drug discovery and synthetic organic chemistry laboratory. The systems are equipped with Genevac Dri-Pure patented anti-bumping technology, ranging from benchtop to high throughput scale and are proven to be capable of removing the most difficult solvent mixtures without compromising sample purity or integrity.

“This new partnership enables our SP Genevac brand to be the comprehensive, one-stop-shop for all evaporation solutions,” said SP Industries CEO Brian Larkin in the company’s press release (1). “Ecodyst's revolutionary single sample evaporator line complements our SP Genevac world-renowned centrifugal evaporators for parallel sample evaporation and together lets us work with customers more effectively to help streamline and accelerate the drug discovery process.”

George Adjabeng, CEO of Ecodyst commented (1) that his company is passionate about their innovative devices for the laboratory equipment industry. “This new partnership with SP is a significant milestone for Ecodyst and it will enable us to make these products available to more customers worldwide,” said Adjabeng (1).

"We are excited to partner with a like-minded organization that approaches product design with a keen understanding of the needs and challenges facing today's customers. Having a broader offering that includes single sample evaporators is particularly relevant for those engaged in pharmaceutical and cannabis sample preparation workflows,” said Larkin (1).


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