Simplifya Expands Outreach to 29 States, Launches Cannabis Compliance Suite in Rhode Island

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Simplifya further grows by expanding their footprint to 29 states and launches a cannabis compliance suite located in Rhode Island.

Simplifya, a leading regulatory and operational software platform and operational compliance software platform within the cannabis industry, recently issued a press release (1) where they disclosed that the company has expanded their business to 29 states and launched their cannabis compliance suite to help businesses in Rhode Island.

The software and compliance platform company offers a variety of products. Some of those services include self audit, standard operating procedures (SOPs), smart cabinet, and license tracker (1). All these items were created to assist cannabis businesses in managing risks in a cost-effective manner and to stay compliant under Rhode Island state law.


“The Ocean State’s new adult-use market holds significant opportunity, but as it evolves, regulations will become more complex,” said Marion Mariathasan, Simplifya CEO and cofounder, in the press release (1). “Our RegTech suite enables operators and ancillary businesses to easily stay on top of compliance issues, mitigate risk, and reduce pain points. Simplifya’s team of experts stand at the ready to make real-time updates as new measures occur, so businesses can protect their most valuable assets – licenses. Our solutions also help cut costs and create more efficient operations, which is especially important for companies establishing footing in a nascent market.”

In Rhode Island, cannabis-related businesses and operators are able to receive 70% off the cost of the company’s core solutions when they sign up (1). This offering was created through Simplifya’s partnership with the Risk Mitigation Alliance (RMA), an organization that is able to give larger access to a conglomerate of vetted risk mitigation companies who provide bundled and discounted services which include legal, insurance, lending, banking, operational compliance, payments, and payroll under one contract.

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