SciPhy Systems & Artisan Industries Inc. introduce the Next Generation of Distillation Systems – ARTISAN X-D200

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SciPhy Systems, Portland OR & Artisan Industries Inc., Stoughton, MA have introduced the ARTISAN X-D200, an evolutionary thin film distillation system specifically designed for the cannabinoid processing industry.

The Next Generation of Distillation Systems

The ARTISAN X-D200 represents a major improvement in distillation equipment compared to traditional wiped film short path evaporators. Designed specifically for cannabinoid processing, the ARTISAN X-D200 can produce market ready products with a single pass, saving on labor, electricity, and hardware costs.

The ARTISAN X-D200 is designed to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Minimize downtime

Effortless, clean-in-place features allow for prompt and quicker cleaning of major components. Fixed clearance rotors eliminate costly and time intensive PTFE wiper or roller replacements that are necessary for traditional wiped and rolled film evaporators. This design feature also prevents product contamination from these unhealthy fluorinated polymers. The ARTISAN X-D200 is the complete package of efficiency and reliability at an extremely competitive price per liter of throughput.

According to Emmett McGregor, CEO of SciPhy Systems, “The ARTISAN X-D200 takes the best of Artisan Industries’ proven Rototherm® horizontal thin film technology and incorporates it in a cutting-edge modular system designed for cannabinoid processors. CBD/THC distillate manufacturers now have the opportunity to benefit from Artisan’s 85 years of experience providing separation equipment to the processing industries.”

Ready-To-Install Modular System

The ARTISAN X-D200 is shipped ready-to-install as one complete pre-assembled skid, requiring only a single power drop. Processors receive a turnkey solution, which keeps startup time and commissioning short and inexpensive. The ARTISAN X-D200 features long-life, stainless-steel seals, uses no Teflon wipers, rollers, or fragile glass vessels. The skid also includes comprehensive process monitoring and controls for oil film temperature, vapor temperature, and vacuum depth. Precision mass flow metered feed provides superior film residence time control.

Models, Maintenance, and Availability

The ARTISAN X-D200 standard model is rated for 13 L/hr and features a tight footprint, rapid setup time, clean-in-place, and requires less labor for operation.
(Class 1 Div 2 & Class 1 Div 1 models available)

Additional Features

  • Horizontal Orientation
  • Single Pass Distillation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Advanced Process Controls
  • Rapidly Deployable 

For detailed sales information and availability, contact:

Brandon Colletti

For media and press inquiries, contact:

Edwin Leskin

T - 919-949-5044