SciPhy Systems & Artisan Industries Inc. Announce the ARTISAN X-SR200 The Next Generation of Solvent Recovery Systems for Industrial Hemp Processing

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SciPhy Systems & Artisan Industries Inc. have introduced a joint collaboration of a solvent recovery & decarboxylation system, designed to process hemp.

SciPhy Systems & Artisan Industries Inc. have introduced an exciting new Solvent Recovery and Decarboxylation system, specifically designed for processing hemp. This cutting-edge equipment is the result of a collaboration between the two companies with the goal of producing a line of highly-efficient, hemp processing equipment and modular systems.

The Next Generation of Processing Systems
Drawing on 85 years of purification experience in edible oils, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing, Artisan’s chemical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers worked with SciPhy Systems experts to create a new approach to hemp processing systems. Utilizing an “Integrated Systems Approach”, the goal is to improve profit margins for hemp extraction and processing companies by reducing operating costs, increasing productivity, lowering downtime and enhancing product quality.

A New Approach to Solvent Recovery
According to Jeff Hays, Artisan Industries General Manager, “The ARTISAN X-SR200 Solvent Recovery System replaces bulky, energy intensive evaporation systems like Falling Film Evaporators and batch Pot Stills with the compact and efficient combination of membranes and the Artisan Rototherm® technology. This first-of-its-kind continuous hemp extract solvent recovery system occupies less floor space and significantly reduces energy cost.”

Fully Integrated and Ready to Install
The ARTISAN X -SR200 is a fully integrated and continuous solvent recovery solution. Standard models ranging 200 gal/hr up to 500 gal/hr of recovered solvent, and custom models available from 100 gal/hr up to 10,000 gal/hr. The ARTISAN X-SR200 reduces residual concentration in hemp extract down to 5000 ppm, with options down to 100 ppm.

Improving Profit Margins
Emmett McGregor, CEO of SciPhy stated “The ARTISAN X-SR200 Solvent Recovery System has been developed to improve profit margins through lower energy costs and improved efficiency. The system utilizes advanced process controls that combine precision sensing and intuitive touch screen operation. This allows for rapid response to process conditions and improved quality control.”

Avoiding Installation and Start-up Delay Costs
Rob Reintjes, Artisan Senior Product Manager said “Artisan conducted an extensive hemp extraction industry product survey with input from CBD Processing Labs and Industry leaders. It was clear that hemp processing facilities often experienced major lost revenues due to long construction and start-up delays that were caused by poor system design and a lack of ready-to-install processing modules. Plant layouts were not efficient – resulting in higher labor costs. Our next generation solvent recovery systems are rapidly deployable. They are a fully modular, preassembled turn-key design. All tankage, pumps, all utilities and instrumentation are included on-board for plug and play integration into the customer’s facility.”

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