Royal Queen Seeds Releases Firsthand Accounts of New F1 Hybrid Seeds

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International seed bank Royal Queen Seeds recently shared feedback from the first growers of their new F1 hybrid seeds.

After debuting their new F1 hybrid seeds earlier this year (1), international seed bank Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) shared results from releasing these seeds to homegrowers.

“Many cannabis seed companies market their seeds as F1 hybrids,” RQS said in a recent statement (2). “In the world of breeding, the term ‘F1’ simply describes the plants that make up the first generation following a cross. However, the majority of modern cannabis strains are created using unstable parents. This means they display inferior uniformity and lack the vigour of true F1 hybrids.”


According to RQS, the first wave of growers of their new hybrid seeds noted the speed of the plants’ maturation, size, and predictability of shape, among other aspects (2). “Impressive potency and high resin production,” stated one review that RQS highlighted (2). “Hard and full with a wonderful smell,” was part of another highlighted review (2).

RQS stated that the new F1 hybrid plants will produce more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and terpenes and will also be less prone to disease (2).


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