Research Hints at Possible Use of Medical Cannabis in Diabetes Management

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New data is pointing towards medical cannabis being a promising treatment in managing diabetes.

The cannabis plant has shown that it has a plethora of medicinal uses. Medical cannabis is being used today in a variety of treatments such as, cancer to help with nausea, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizure disorders, and more. This intriguing plant may have found its newest purpose as a tool in diabetes management (1).

Researchers Viola Brugnatelli and Fabio Turco wrote The Handbook Principle of Cannabinology where they investigated the medicinal properties medical cannabis could help patients with managing their diabetes (1,2). Brugnatelli and Turco read several studies which are mentioned throughout their book. One of those studies found that cannabis may alter metabolic processes and appetite-regulating hormones. Cannabis was shown to have an effect on hormones such as ghrelin’s effect on adiponectin, which is a hormone that helps with body weight management and blood sugar regulation (1,2). By helping with body weight and regulating blood sugar, cannabis was discovered to promote a decrease chance of developing diabetes.


With a health condition like diabetes, it can come with additional symptoms or complications such as cardiomyopathy, blindness, and nephropathy. In cardiomyopathy, cannabis, particularly the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) showed promising results in preventing pro-inflammatory cascades which can cause cardiovascular dysfunction. In mouse models, CBD helped to benefit several symptoms of diabetic cardiomyopathy (1,2). In regard to blindness or diabetic retinopathy, CBD was shown again to be a beneficial cannabinoid. Through CBD therapy, the cannabinoid exhibited decreasing vascular hyper-permeability, lowering oxidative stress, and preventing retinal cell death (1,2). For nephropathy, CBD provided positive results in renal issues. The cannabinoid may have displayed a new purpose as a treatment option regarding diabetic kidney problems (1,2).

Cannabis as well as cannabinoids like CBD, are showing promising results in helping treat health condition such as diabetes. These results are still in the beginning stages and more research will need to come out in order to provide more thorough and stronger results (1,2). It is interesting to learn another way of how cannabis can benefit more health conditions.

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