Regulatory Compliance Software Helps Supplement, Nutrition, Functional Food, and Cannabis Brands Vet Their Marketing Claims

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Our sister publication, Nutritional Outlook, recently discussed Apex Compliance's latest new software detects risky marketing terms and phrases and suggests lower-risk alternatives.

New software is now available to help nutritional product, dietary supplement, and functional food companies vet their product claims for risky marketing terms and phrases. The Apex Compliance software was developed by regulatory expert and nutritional products industry veteran Asa Waldstein, principal at regulatory consultancy Supplement Advisory Group. The software is keyword-based. It lets a user enter in keywords, which are then evaluated for regulatory risk.

“Apex Compliance focuses on three areas of regulatory risk, including websites, YouTube videos, and content review before publishing,” the company’s press release states. “It provides a detailed report showing the exact URL location of each keyword, the paragraph it is used in, the risk rating, lower-risk alternatives, and notes. This provides a line-by-line playbook on how to reduce website and YouTube regulatory risk.” The software can also be used to review blogs and social media content before posting, flagging keywords of concern and suggesting alternative wording.


“The application enables users to compile searchable keyword lists such as ‘Top Sustainability Lawsuit Phrases’ or ‘Common FDA/FTC Trigger Words,’” the press release continues.

Users can access Apex Compliance via a monthly subscription. The patent-pending software is suited for brands, marketing agencies, law firms, consultants, investors, and banks serving the dietary supplement industry, the conventional food and functional food industries, and the cannabis industry.

In the press release, Waldstein stated, “Regulatory reviews that used to take hours can now be conducted in seconds. Apex Compliance was developed as a tool for my consulting company, Supplement Advisory Group, and it became so useful industry colleagues started asking to use it. Apex Compliance saves time when reviewing marketing content and is a teaching tool that helps build in-house regulatory expertise.”

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