Recent Research on Cannabis Oil and Canine Atopic Dermatitis

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Our sister publication, dvm360, recently published breakthrough research from a study involving CBD+CBDA oil as a potential treatment for atopic dermatitis in dogs.

ElleVets Sciences has announced that research findings of its CBD+CBDA oil’s efficacy on dogs with atopic dermatitis were published. The results displayed that over 65% of the dogs participating in the study had a substantial improvement in skin itchiness (1).

According to a company release (2), although CBD has been widely believed to serve as a possible treatment method for atopic dermatitis, there has been little research studies before this one.

The study was led by Andrew Rosenberg, DVM, DACVM, of the Dermatology Center of New York and New Jersey, consisting of year-long research investigating a month-long treatment in a placebo blinded controlled clinical trial where dogs were either given a placebo or ElleVet Sciences' CBD+CBDA oil (1). Itchiness scores documented by owners decreased significantly for canines on the ElleVet Sciences' oil when compared to those on the placebo.

Additionally, each dog did not respond to the sesame oil base as a control group, demonstrating ElleVet Sciences’ product has a noteworthy effect on dog itchiness, often cited as a most common complaint from dog owners. No significant side effects were reported by owners, and they all planned to continue treatment with the product for their dog.

"This is a really positive response since these dogs were all refractory to commonly used products. This can be a regimen that is safe and effective and is a worthwhile addition to the current regimen and could be considered a first line of defense and can be used in conjunction with other products when necessary,” expressed Chief Medical Officer of ElleVet Sciences, Joe Wakshlag says, PhD, DACVN, DACVSMR. “This study was a huge success and we at ElleVet are extremely excited to share the results with the veterinary community."

“The results are even better than we anticipated, and we are thrilled to be able to share these results and help dogs with this issue,” said Amanda Howland, co-founder of ElleVet Sciences.


"The dosing in the study was specific for atopic dermatitis, highlighting the need for accurate dosing in CBD+CBDA products,” Wakshlag concluded (2).

To learn more or purchase the product, visit ElleVet Sciences’ website or find it through a veterinarian.

Visit dvm360 to read the full article and more.


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