Pulsafeeder "EG" Pumps and "EGM" Pumps Receive UL 1389 Certification

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Pulsafeeder "EG" series of Eco Gearchem Pumps, and the "EGM" series of ISOChem Pumps, have been certified to UL 1389.

Pulsafeeder "EG" series of Eco Gearchem Pumps, and the "EGM" series of ISOChem Pumps, commonly used in wiped film distillation and botanical extraction processes, are now certified to UL 1389, "Plant Oil Extraction Equipment for Installation and Use in Ordinary (Unclassified) Locations and Hazardous (Classified) Locations [ANSI/CAN/UL/ULC 1389:2019 Ed.1". The "EG" and "EGM" series pumps have been certified for containment integrity following tests related to endurance, maximum containment pressure, and port connection deformation as required by the standard.

These pumps are highly configurable to match materials of construction to suit use with many common solvents such as Ethanol, Acetone, Hexane and Heptane. The pumps are also rated for specific pressures and temperatures to maximize safety for both the extraction equipment manufacturer and end user. The mag-drive, sealless models can simplify system design and maximize performance and they offer integrated sanitary connections for easy cleaning, assembly and disassembly of piping.

“Pulsafeeder has been supplying pumps for these types of applications for decades and we understand the importance of building safety into these processes. As the new UL1389 standards covered the Ethanol processes where IsoChem and Eco Gear Pumps are typically used, it was important that we adopt the highest requirements to keeping people safe”. – Jeffrey Martin, Product Manager

For more information on these pumps please visit Pulsafeeder’s Botanical Extraction webpage at www.pulsa.com/botanical-extraction or their home page at www.pulsa.com.